Before we want to understand the properties of saffron in detail, it is good to tell you a list of what saffron is useful for:

  1. Relieving depression
  2. Pain reliever
  3. Hair loss prevention
  4. Improving respiratory health
  5. Improving heart health
  6. Improve mental health
  7. Improving skin health
  8. Strengthening the digestive system
  9. Increasing Intelligence
  10. Treatment of blood pressure and blood sugar
  11. Improving menstrual irregularity or painful menstruation in women
  12. Control and prevention of diabetes
  13. Treatment of gout
  14. Improving Men's sexual power
  15. Excretion of stomach cold and abdominal pain
  16. Adjusting the body in case of consuming a lot of cold food
  17. Helping the treatment of urticaria caused by cold in the body
  18. Relieving sleep disorders, urinary disorders, and memory disorders
  19. The best detoxifying because of the hot and dry properties of saffron
  20. Being effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)
  21. Helping the improvement of metabolism and the increase of metabolism and slimming